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Visualize Personal Success (VPS)
On-line Course




VPS (Visualize Personal Success) is a model for staying motivated and achieving your life's dreams. VPS will help you get out of your rut and open the path to success. You will:


  • Learn about your unique needs 

  • Live without deprivation and excessive self-control 

  • Overcome excuses that prohibit you from succeeding  

  • Create lasting personal change


This course includes questions for reflection and explanations about change from neuroscience and systems theory.


Lesson 1: Change

Lesson 2: VPS Overview

Lesson 3: Step 1, Orient Goals

Lesson 4: Sight-Setter

Lesson 5: Step 2, Align Values

Lesson 6: Visualization of Your Goals and Dreams

Lesson 7: Step 3, Paradigms Shift

Lesson 8: Priming for Lasting Change

Lesson 9: Step 4, Living the Dream

Lesson 10: Personal Retreat


Your VPS Online instructor is Galina Knopman. As you progress through each lesson and submit responses to questions, Galina will provide you with valuable feedback and motivation. Galina is an executive, leadership, and life coach, speaker, author, and is the founder and president of Best of Life, empowering individuals to enjoy their best life. She is also the founder and president of Comskil. Galina developed and applies the Visualize Personal Success™ (VPS) model to her coaching clients and in life-changing workshops.  She developed and has used the OrGro model for organizational growth with her clients since 1997.


Galina has her Executive Masters in Applied Neuroscience, BA in Political Science, Coaching Certification from Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program and is a PCC certified coach with the International Coach Federation.




Get started with Lesson 1 below! 

Keep notes in your journal and let us know if you have any questions!


Lesson 1: Change



Changing who we are is difficult -- and many of us give up, over, and over again. Science and psychology haven’t always provided a succinct and clear path on how to change, and how to sustain that change, but it is possible. Despite the difficulties, the Visualize Personal Success (VPS) model for achieving and living your dreams will provide you with the insights and tools you need to navigate around the challenges and start living your dreams!


In this lesson, we start by getting clarity on what you value, what your dreams (dreams and goals are used interchangeably in this course) are, and how you behave. Are your values, dreams and behaviors aligned? The following questions are for reflection AND if you want to grow and change, writing them down will help you grow new neural maps and provide a nudge forward.



Yellow and orange lights depict a Neural Map of a typical odor sensory system in the human brain in this illustration to the left. Notice there is a pattern or map. It is not random spots. Maps for behaviors, thinking, and feelings are located in distinct regions of the brain. New maps can be developed more easily than old maps being stopped.


By dating your reflections, you can come back sometime in the future and see if your answers are the same as they were originally. If they are different, write down the change for future reflection.





Each of your habits will have nuances that are unique to you: from chemical dependency to genetics; from the family and social environments you function in each day to your personal beliefs and the values that you live by. Noticing, understanding and honoring your uniqueness is what will bring you success when using VPS.


You may have a busy, busy life and may have lost sight of your inner self, the place from which you navigate every interaction every day. The importance of slowing down and re-acquainting yourself with your values, beliefs, and deep feelings cannot be overstated. This is what will make the VPS process successful for you. It is also important to understand your perspective, which forms around your relationship with your own self and with other people. Once you understand your own perspectives, you can change the lens you see yourself through. All of these details about yourself matter.


VPS provides the questions to ask and reflect on about yourself. These questions are supported by additional, optional readings about how your brain, genes, social environment, and other factors which may impact you. As you learn more about yourself, increasing your self-awareness, you retain that knowledge, and with that, you can always learn new behaviors. Here are questions for your reflection, write down your answers.






















Visualize Personal Success (VPS): The circular arrows in the center of the graphic depict revisiting and re-aligning our goals, values and behaviors throughout our life and its impact anywhere from and between our most inner self and our social self. The arrows with “Peers, Friends, Family” illustrate the influence the social systems that we are a part of have on us, and reciprocally, us on them. VPS is dynamic which stillness and awareness help to create.


VPS 1.jpg
vps 1-2.jpg

Thank you. Complete the lesson below and contact us for more information and remaining lessons.

The "*" in the email address above denotes that a valid email address is required to submit your responses. You will find this "*" in all the following lessons. Your responses cannot be submitted without a valid email address.



Here is how to love and talk to yourself with compassion and with lots of practice;


  1. Think about how good it feels to be hugged by someone you care about.  Shut your eyes. Visualize it. Let yourself feel how good it feels.


2. Now, commit to doing this for yourself. Can you do it daily? Three times a day?


This is a process that takes practice for it to become habit and may need to be revisited at different times in your life.

Achieving your dreams doesn't mean you stop, it means you reassess and move forward. Change — personal evolution — is a process that takes time. Just remember to be patient.



Starting to get feelings stirred up? Make sure to submit your responses above.


To continue with Lessons 2 through 10, contact us today at (301) 896-0698 or email us at




If you are interested in getting a helping hand, check out Galina’s book, Every Time I Diet I Gain 5 Pounds, Step Into Your True Self And Shed Your Baggage and contact Comskil at (301) 896-0698 for one-on-one coaching information.

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