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Executive and Leadership Coaching

Coaching is an interactive partnering between a coach and a client.


This interactive partnership shows clients how their personal and professional goals are accessible to them. Coaching provides self-discovery through a thought-provoking and creative process. The process helps individuals and organizations improve their performance, relationships, and achieve both professional and personal potential.

Comskil coaches are International Coach Federation (ICF) certified at the ACC, PCC, and MCC level. These levels require extensive initial and on-going training, exams, and direct coaching experience and are updated every three years.

Our motto is Global Coaching - Universal Impact! Comskil’s clients are based globally but we are poised and ready to communicate universally. Teams and Zoom are limited at this current time. Upon their universal updates, we will be coaching universally. We are available to you, anywhere in the world and one day, at the Moon and on Mars. Coaching each Comskil client creates a positive impact that grows and extends beyond each client.  


Many of our global coaches are trained in applied neuroscience and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge about the way our minds work.  Most importantly, our coaches bring life wisdom and soul to our coaching practice.

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