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VPS Online Course

VPS (Visualize Personal Success) is a model for achieving your life dreams and not giving up. Applying it helps you fulfill your hopes for your physical health, work, finances, relationships, and more. Taking this workshop will help you get out of your rut and open the path to success. You will:


  • Learn about your unique needs 

  • Live without deprivation and excessive self-control 

  • Overcome excuses that prohibit you from succeeding  

  • Make a lasting personal change


This course includes questions for reflection and explanations about change from neuroscience and systems theory.



Lesson 1: Change

Lesson 2: VPS Overview

Lesson 3: Step 1, Orient Goals

Lesson 4: Sight-Setter

Lesson 5: Step 2, Align Values

Lesson 6: Visualization of Your Goals and Dreams

Lesson 7: Step 3, Paradigms Shift

Lesson 8: Priming for Lasting Change

Lesson 9: Step 4, Living the Dream

Lesson 10: Personal Retreat

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