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Comskil, Inc. is a WOSB with mid- to large-size company capacity. We have been in business specializing in leadership and organizational transformational change since 1997. In 2023, we added Trauma-Informed coaching to our expertise helping organizations transition from trauma, injury, burn-out, and resilience challenges to thriving in the workplace. We minimize performance risk and assist our clients to become more skilled, resilient, collaborative, capable, and better leaders within their organizations down, across, and up. We help organizations achieve their goals by developing their human resources.

We are fascinated by the complexity of humanity and social systems. We integrate the latest research in areas related to human development and interaction and, the interconnecting and sometimes conflicting social systems.


Our team of experts are passionate about learning. We continue to update and get new certifications, credentials, and degrees. We are involved in the latest research and publish papers and books. Internally at Comskil, we share our learning and development with one another. This germinates and evolves into new programs, new classes, and new thinking that is timely and needed. We expand our thinking and leadership practices as Comskil grows. We provide this new thinking, new classes, and programs to you, our clients.  


We are grateful for all of our clients and for those who have continued to engage in our services for over a decade. We love that you invite us to address and solve your organizational issues with you and we love seeing you succeed.

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