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Assessments are self-discovery instruments to encourage your involvement in your own leadership understanding, self-awareness, and growth. Assessments provide keys to understanding motivations, personality types, behaviors, and emotions. Assessments characterize your strengths and potential areas for improvement. The results of the assessments provide valuable input into your personal and leadership action plans for yourself, that can be shared with your coach, team coach, and your leadership instructors. The Comskil team has many certifications and partnerships with a large number and types of individual, 360°, and team assessments. See below for some of our assessment certifications.

Individual & Team

  • Everything DiSC

  • DISC

  • TLCP

  • EQI 2.0

  • MBTI

  • SDI

  • CliftonStrengths

  • 5 Behaviors


  • TLCP

  • Hogan

  • EQ 360

  • Benchmarks

  • LPI

  • SkillScope

  • SDI

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