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Leadership Team

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Ms. Knopman has over 30 years in business and is the successful president and founder of Comskil and Best of Life for the past 21 years. Ms. Knopman has a strong and integrated set of business and coaching skills and experience. She is an executive, leadership, and life coach, organizational development consultant, author, photographer, and guest lecturer. She specializes in individual, team and organizational change. She founded Comskil on the principle of Communication Skills and Best of Life with the vision and method to achieve one’s life goals and dreams based on her success with her Visualize Personal Success (VPS) neuroscience and psychology-based model for personal change.  Click here to read more.

Galina Knopman, Founder, President & CEO

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Vonda is responsible for both internal and external operations. She is a primary interface with our government and corporate clients. Vonda develops and implements efficient business processes to ensure all client needs are met, and provides excellent proactive and responsive communication and delivery of services.  She is the lead "client experience officer" and drives new business, sales and services through direct contact with every client and business partner.


Vonda manages and leads internal operations for Comskil’s organizational and leadership development. She manages our coaches, iinstructors, facilitators and technical consultants. She leads our financial services, contracting and administrative teams.  

Vonda Burns, COO

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