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Are you Ready?


As you settle into and navigate through post-COVID; hybrid and restructured work teams; change management; and everyday leadership challenges—Comskil is here for you! Our coaching, consulting, facilitation, and training develops and grows your organization.




Comskil is not only teaching the standard leadership development solutions (MBTI, DiSC, EQ), but we are also at the forefront of new thinking.  We use this new thinking (mindset, neuroscience/neurobiology, and intrapersonal awareness) to provide our clients with what they need today and to posture them for the future. Our clients love their ROI from our profound approaches, here are just a few:


Our Trauma-informed and Resilience Certified Coaches, ICF Credentialed Executive and Leadership Coaches, Instructors, and Facilitators will help move you into today and onward into the future. We’ve evolved too. How? By staying ahead of the game.

 We invite you to connect with us.

Our Expertise


Building an organization's capacity through the alignment of strategy, structure, people, and processes. Change is possible!


Preparing current and future leaders to maximize their effectiveness and potential through Leadership Development Programs.


Our individual, team/ group, and trauma-informed coaching is gently powerful and considerably transformative. 


Comskil offers programs that address the trauma and burn-out experienced by professionals in fields that entail a high level of risk, require giving care to vulnerable people, or evoke strong emotions based on the situations they encounter.

Working closely with our clients to identify training needs, we do not provide a one-size-fits-all approach. We provide just-in-time training for participants to become more resilient, adaptable, inclusive and collaborative.

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