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The winds of change are blowing strong with gusts up to 60 mph! New choices, new options and new mandates are in front of us. We all have to process and grow into new thinking with a new vocabulary to lead the change. The Great Resignation has shown us that people want, nay expect, more from work than just meeting the bottom line. People want to feel connected to one another and feel valued. People want work to be meaningful and significant.

The Comskil team is ready to support you!

What We Do!


Change is possible, but not always easy.


Coaching is an interactive partnership...

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How We Do It!


Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting is a way for us to bring our Organizational Development (OD) expertise with cultural change to you and your leadership team as you grow and develop your staff, organization and mission. Strategic Consulting includes strategy sessions and tactical planning that are essential for staying ahead of and leading the change, so challenges don’t overwhelm you. Comskil’s approach accommodates your schedule, is agile and ensures risks and issues are addressed and mitigated and resolved quickly and effectively.

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Collaborative Communication

Collaborative Communication sessions lead conversations between individuals, teams and organizations to achieve outstanding results that everyone is proud of, pain free! We go beyond classic win-win negotiation techniques to outcome achievement that is better than the sum of its parts. Collaborative Communication requires a new way of thinking and a new vocabulary for achieving best possible outcomes for all.


Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is an opportunity to transform your life. A Comskil coach listens, observes, and customizes an approach to meet individual needs. We tap into your skills, resources, and creativity in a powerful way to help you define and achieve your professional and personal goals.  We have your back, provide support and guidance to help you realize your full potential, using the skills and resources that you already have.


Facilitation, Off-Sites and Team Building

In-person or virtual, Comskil will support your Facilitation and Team Building requirements. We collaborate with you to plan your on-site and off-site strategic meetings and retreats. Our facilitators and instructors are experts at staying neutral, reading the room and communication styles of participants to ensure engagement; bringing team cohesion, and keeping participants on track for a successful event. We facilitate small or large groups and customize team training and team-building workshops.

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching focuses directly on the team’s task and communication while working together.  The coaching occurs during actual task meetings, where the coach observes the team in action, asks for permission to pause and coach the leader, or asks what the team is noticing about the way they are interacting.  Team Coaching, when paired with Individual Coaching for your team members, accelerates the path to High Success Teams!



Our training offerings transform individuals, teams and organizations. Click here for our interactive, in-person and virtual training workshops and courses.

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