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May 2020

New Webinar!


Working From Home



Working from home used to be temporary or part-time for most of us. Workspaces at home don’t always support working from home for the long-term. This workshop covers how to set-up an ergonomic workspace for yourself that is comfortable and conducive to getting work done.


Each of us have different needs, some of us are more extroverted and some of us are more introverted, some may like to move around more or less, some work better with music or the news on or off. Some of us may be living alone, or with lots of family, with kids, parents, spouses, we all have different at home situations. How do we make this work?


There are nuances to working at home that take a little time and trial and error to get right. This webinar addresses how to assess our situation and modify it while feeling safe to make mistakes until you can get it right.


This interactive webinar will provide fundamentals of:

  • Personal space and privacy

  • Home office ergonomics

    • Is my desk (kitchen or dining room table and chair) hurting my back?

  • Getting oxygen in your brain so you can think

  • Brain food versus vacation food

  • Setting the mood/getting inspired

  • The right tools

  • Boundaries

  • Work – life balance


Duration: 1 hour


Learning Outcomes:

  • Assess and modify your personal at home workspace for efficiency

  • Determine your personal needs to work optimally from home

Find your work and personal life balance without judgement or shame.

May 2020

New Webinar!





There are many demands in the workplace and virtual workplace. We need to have the energy and focus to do our best work every day, to behave like a leader at workat home, to think ahead, to keep our immune system strong, and to keep our frame of mind in check. All of this can be exhausting, difficult to do and require us to go beyond being resilient. It’s normal to feel challenged right now - sometimes just to get the day started. This workshop will teach you how to pivot from where you are into a place of productivity.


This webinar will provide the fundamentals of:

  • Resilience

  • Neuroscience of fear

  • Breaking out of fear

  • Growth from the inside out

  • Discovering and staying in your personal balance


Duration: 90 minutes


Learning Outcomes:

  • Tapping into your personal resilience

  • Distinguishing between paralyzing and healthy fear

  • How to pivot from paralysis and doomsday mindsets to constructively directed self-determination


When the going gets tough, the tough pivot.

March 2020

COVID-19 Message from Galina, CEO & Vonda, COO

Tips for Working from Home!



Comskil is here for you!


We understand that many of the issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic are out of our immediate control. But what you can control, somewhat, is your personal workspace. For those of you now working remotely from home, we have put together some tips to help you adjust and continue working to complete the missions of your businesses and government agencies.


Working from home can be mastered, but it does take some forethought and adjustment. While there will likely be challenges even with this - we can help. Comskil’s staff and coaches have been working from home and virtually for the 23 years we have been in business.

Click here for working from home tips and more.

Click here for Social Distancing - Online and Virtual Activities.

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