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"Let's Heal the Hurt Together"


Comskil offers programs that address the trauma and burn-out experienced by professionals in fields that entail a high level of risk, require giving care to vulnerable people, or evoke strong emotions based on the situations they encounter. While these professionals give exceptionally high amounts of energy, both physical and mental, to the people they serve, they often are not given opportunities to process or heal from their work’s emotional toll. Recognizing that each group of professionals has their own challenges and needs, Comskil partners with client organizations to design custom programs that assist each population in the best possible way.



Comskil offers Trauma-Informed and Resilience coaching services for individuals who have experienced trauma or burn-out. This profound form of coaching helps clients heal and build resilience while honoring their unique experiences and perspectives. Trauma-Informed and Resilience coaches create a compassionate, respectful environment that includes sensitivity to activators and the avoidance of assumptions. They partner with clients to explore different types of trauma and stressors and their subsequent symptoms, the behavioral reactions they evoke, the benefits of emotional regulation, and the brain-body connection. The work empowers clients to take the lead in creating goals and setting the pace for the coaching work. Through the coaching process, clients explore and begin practicing methods to help regulate their nervous systems, deepen their ability to manage their emotions, discard shame and guilt, and support their own wellness.

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Comskil’s training classes give participants the opportunity to gain relevant knowledge and information, begin practicing proven techniques that address common aspects of stress, and reflect on their experiences in a safe environment. Click here for our classes that cultivate resilience and support health.


To complement and reinforce the concepts introduced through the coaching work and training classes, interactive activities are included in our Trauma-Informed and Resilience programs. These activities foster habit formation and deepen self-realization and healing.

Coaches and Instructors

Comskil has a roster of experienced Trauma-Informed and Resilience coaches and instructors who show up for their clients with authenticity and compassion that allow clients to feel safe. Our coaches and instructors are educated about the nature of trauma, its complexity, its effects on the brain and body, and how it manifests in a client's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. They guide their clients in recognizing and deepening their connection to their own strengths, resilience, and capacity for healing. Our coaches and instructors have also learned the proper channels for referral and the growing relationships between clinical professionals, therapists, and coaches. Please see our roster of Trauma-Informed and Resilience coaches and instructors below.


Sheridan Gates,  PCC, CPQC, TICC


        Mara Ormond, PCC         

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 2.35.41 PM.png

Galina Knopman, PCC, TICC


Christina Swartz, PCC      


Jennifer Markarian, MCC

Anders W.jpg

Anders Kinavey Wennerstrom, MBA, PCC, CPCC, LSSMBB, TICC, RYT-200

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