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Judy Cohen, PCC       

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Melonie Garrett, MCC, MSOD

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Galina Knopman, PCC, TICC

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Anders Wennerstrom, PCC, TICC


Caryn Corenblum, J.D., L.C.S.W., PCC


Sheridan Gates, M.ED, PCC


Mara Ormond, PCC         


Laurie Ellington, MA, LPC, BBC, MCC


Jennifer Howdeshell, PCC


Christina Swartz, PCC      

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Galina Knopman, PCC,  TICC


Galina is an ICF credentialed Trauma-Informed Certified Coach (TICC), and founder, president, and CEO of Comskil, Inc. and Best of Life. She is an organizational development consultant, guest lecturer, instructor, author, photographer, and musician. Ms. Knopman created and developed two four-step models for growth that integrate together for exponential transformation; 1) OrGro©, a model for Organizational Growth, and VPS©, Visualize Personal Success model for personal change. She also developed the Possibility Thinking Frameworkã which is successfully being used by individuals and teams.


She applies her knowledge of each domain of neuroscience and the mind, somatics, and social cognitive psychology, both separately and as an integrated and interdependent whole, which helps clients create a greater awareness, acceptance of self, and move through processing their trauma experience. Her knowledge of how the brain and body work and our complexities, enables her to implement methods of coaching to process injury and change thinking and behaviors that are direct, fast, and long-lasting. She is respected for her innate ability to compassionately work with clients to identify injury and obstacles. Then helps clients to envision their goals and hopes and think in ways that support their achievement. Each client session produces tangible results. Her clients have changed their lives and successfully sustained these changes beginning with their first session.


Ms. Knopman is the author of the anti-diet workbook Every Time I Diet I Gain 5 Pounds, Step Into Your True Self and Shed Your Baggage which was a best seller on Amazon and is available also at Barnes and Noble.

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